SAP HANA oppgradering hos Elkjøp


SAP HANA oppgradering hos Elkjøp

In 2016-17, Elkjøp with support from L&T Infotech Ltd, Einr and Skye performed migration of their SAP ECC, BW and SCM System to SAP HANA. The project was executed in 4 months and was successful in terms of the quality delivered, the timeline and budgeted cost. The project was also successful in delivering the anticipated benefits. Skye Consulting managed the upgrade project, Einr performed the HANA code adoption / adjustment and L&T migrated and upgraded the core SAP landscape.

Technical Benefits – minimum business impact by enabling redundant solution of High Availability and Disaster Recovery setup for HANA and leveraging VM Fault Tolerance functionality by making message server as Single Point of Failure (SPOF) and performance increased and database size compressed. Functional Benefits – Accelerated the processing of large report and financial data is available in-memory:

  • F&R activation of 98 000 article/sites without HANA would take 5.5 hours, and with HANA 5 minutes.
  • View all customer orders on one article for all Danish campaigns in 2016: Without HANA: 50 seconds (with optimized search on indexes, fields etc.) With HANA: Response immediate (ms)
  • Any given Finance report must be carefully limited with selection filters to avoid timeouts Without HANA: Several reports must be scheduled as jobs (15 minutes++) to get all the needed data With HANA: All reports can be executed directly (no filter or selection criteria, no waiting time in Drill down) Strategic Benefits – with SAP HANA as the main platform, Elkjøp is now following the SAP Roadmap and can easily adopt new functionality and enhance the solution in a long-term perspective. The migration was the first step on the journey towards S/4HANA for retail that will give additional benefits: a simplified data model, predefined operational reports and predefined Fiori apps in a Fiori UX environment.

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